Before you pay for:
STEP 1. Reservations
Using directory of apartments, book your chosen apartment.
STEP 2. Confirmation
Our managers will answer your reservation. In the event that you specified period apartment is free, you will confirm your reservation, if the apartment is occupied - you will be offered another equivalent version.
STEP 3. Payment - any convenient way!
NOTE: You will pay in the Ukrainian currency equivalent at the exchange rate on the date of payment.

Pay for the book, you can:

Credit card

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Non-cash payment
For details contact the manager by phone or e-mail.
Express transfer via Western Union
For details contact the manager by phone or e-mail.
Cash office
Cash payment made at our office at the official rate of hryvnia to the date of payment. When booking Modern eurostyle you need to make a payment for one night stay. This fee will guarantee that the apartment will be assigned to you. If you can not make a payment in person, you can instruct it sdalat your authorized representative in Kiev.
To send payment to the necessary scrip in WebMoney WMZ (dollars) to the purse Z_____________. Be sure to let us know when payment will be made to acknowledge it booking an apartment.


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Comfort, Reliability, Security

We will promptly pick up your apartment and ensure that upon arrival in Kiev, you will receive the keys to the apartments that will meet all your needs.

We care about our reputation and strive for long term cooperation with its customers, and therefore offer only quality service.

For your convenience, our site contains the directory housing for rent in Kiev with a detailed description of the location on a map and additional photos of the apartment.


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