How does settlement in an apartment?
At the agreed time employee of our company will be waiting for you in the apartment. It will give you the keys to the apartment, to legalize all the documents and will pay for accommodation.
Location of apartment Kiev map can be viewed on our website.

What are the settlements and leaving the apartment?
As with hotels, estimated time - 12:00.
In consultation with you, settlement or departure time can be changed. In the case of early settlement (until 11:00) or late departure (after 13:00) to be additionally pay 50% of the daily cost of renting apartments.
This additional payment is due to the fact that we have a loss, denying other clients in the settlement for the whole day before the date of your early arrival or after your late departure.

What is included in the payment for accommodation in apartments?
In payment for accommodation in apartments for rent include:

  • Use of bedding and cooking utensils;
  • Use of electricity;
  • Use of hot and cold water;
  • Local telephone calls;
  • Information support;

as well as on your desire apartment cleaning and linen - 1 every 3 days.

How can I make a prepayment for the booking confirmation?
A pre-payment to confirm your reservation of apartments, you can:

  • E-cards Visa, Visa Electron, Cirrus, Maestro, Master Card through our website;
  • By wire transfer;
  • Express transfer via Western Union;
  • Cash in the office

How can I pay for my stay in the apartment?
Pay for accommodation in apartments, you can:

  • E-cards Visa, Visa Electron, Cirrus, Maestro, Master Card through the terminal in a bank office;
  • By wire transfer;
  • Express transfer via Western Union;
  • Cash in the office or at a settlement;

Payment for rental is any convenient way (from above) until the settlement for the entire term of the lease.

How to book an apartment for rent?
Using directory of apartments on our site make your chosen apartment.
Our managers will answer your reservation. In the event that you specified period apartment is free, you will confirm your reservation, if the apartment is occupied - you will be offered another equivalent version.
For guaranteed reservation, your choice, apartments for rent, you must first pay the first night stay.
A separate fee for booking will be charged.

How do I book an apartment for rent?
We accept information about your cancellation in writing only!

  1. If you cancel the reservation of 8 calendar days prior to arrival and more, the prepayment is returned to the client the full amount (minus the commission of the bank, if the prepayment was made not in cash).
  2. If you cancel your reservation of 7 to 3 working days prior to arrival, the client gets the 50% prepayment.
  3. If you cancel your reservation less than 3 calendar days prior to arrival, the prepayment is not returned to the client.
  4. If not create a customer's apartment in the specified period, the prepayment is retained in full.

Will I receive the documents confirming the payment?

Of course, on request we prepare accounting reporting documents: invoice, acceptance certificate, lease agreement (announced separately).
These documents are the confirmation of your travel expenses, giving you the opportunity to report in the accounts of his enterprise.

How do I pay for telephone calls?
Local calls on Kiev included in the rent. Long-distance and international communications are disabled.

How can I implement long-distance and international calls?
To implement long-distance and international calls you must purchase a special phone card.

Prices are per apartment or for "bed"?
Prices are quoted - for a flat. However, each apartment has a certain number of beds. In the description of each apartment stated a specific number of beds in this apartment.

Which household appliances in the apartment rent?

On our site, in the description of each apartment for rent, you will find a list of household appliances, which equipped the apartment.
Also, each apartment has a fully equipped kitchen with utensils and tableware.

Where are the apartments?
Most of our apartments located in the central part of Kiev.

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We will promptly pick up your apartment and ensure that upon arrival in Kiev, you will receive the keys to the apartments that will meet all your needs.

We care about our reputation and strive for long term cooperation with its customers, and therefore offer only quality service.

For your convenience, our site contains the directory housing for rent in Kiev with a detailed description of the location on a map and additional photos of the apartment.


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